ADEX Unveils Real-Time Traffic Analytics to Combat Fraud and High-Tech Threats

ADEX announces that real-time traffic analysis is now available for all categories of customers in addition to a wide range of advanced anti-fraud tools.

Tracking traffic purity in real time is crucial, as it is the only way to avoid serious consequences from criminal schemes. ADEX checks traffic streams in real time to see if they are legitimate enough before ad campaigns are ruined by bots.

The platform offers five effective instruments capable of dealing with most existing types of fraud as well as the latest, high-tech threats.


Postbacks allow advertisers to distinguish fake users and keep abreast of the quality of their traffic in real time by sending immediate alerts in case of suspicious activity. Dubious sources can be blocked before they harm a campaign.


The API automatically gathers and evaluates campaign data. This fully-fledged tool can create tokens, retrieve information, analyze it, and help advertisers optimize their campaigns based on the details received.

Redirect traffic

Traffic Redirect is a highly developed anti-bot solution that allows advertisers to direct harmful traffic away from their pages and to a blank page. It also analyzes real-time traffic flows and keeps bots away from advertisers’ websites.

Complaint reports

The Claim Reports feature was designed to create custom refund reports, containing the most detailed information on how traffic sources performed. These reports include accurate statistics and clear evidence to increase advertisers’ chances of receiving a refund.

JS tag

JS Tag works at the HTML level of the website as an additional layer of security. This feature was designed as an additional feature.

Hundreds of advertisers have already recognized the effectiveness of ADEX instruments – timely fraud prevention has saved approximately $1 billion on their marketing budget.

“Prevention is a better strategy than trying to eliminate the catastrophic consequences of fraud for businesses. The ADEX tool pack covers different aspects of the problem, allowing you to analyze traffic in real time, detect bots, eliminate them and write personalized reimbursement reports.

ADEX checks each suspicious user individually, based on numerous parameters, such as browser type, location, behavior patterns, VPN usage, and more. This is enough to secure your budget. Plus, technology is advancing all the time and saving our customers millions of dollars every month…” says Andrey Ivanov, CEO of ADEX.

Charles J. Kaplan