Axellio CEO Scott Aken on Network Traffic Analytics Virtualization

Scott Aken, CEO of Axellio, noted the current “hardware heavy” configuration of network traffic analysis and demonstrated the potential for virtualizing traffic analysis applications through the use of next-generation network visibility platforms.

In a contributed Solutions Review column published Tuesday, Aken said virtualization could enable software-defined analytics applications for networking and cybersecurity platforms.

“The security industry needs more flexible analysis, better understanding, and most importantly, a more affordable and scalable strategy. And the virtualization of traffic analysis is helping to make that a reality,” he wrote.

Aken highlighted the challenges most organizations face due to their use of multiple platforms with proprietary hardware for various analytics efforts that limit interoperability and data exchange.

“This model generates narrow ‘pipe’ solutions with the need to duplicate traffic to multiple analytics applications. »

In this regard, the general manager of Axellio underlined the need to set up a centralized collection and storage of traffic. “This enables traffic distribution through software APIs and centralizes additional traffic collection, decryption and storage capabilities into a single platform.”

The Network Visibility Platform absorbs traffic spikes and surges, so designing for medium traffic consumption becomes the norm, extending the life of existing monitoring and analysis infrastructure.

Charles J. Kaplan