Netlify Analytics provides comprehensive privacy-focused web traffic analysis without the performance overhead

“We created Netlify Analytics because our customers want a powerful solution that doesn’t store and send all of their user data to third-party organizations.” – Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify

Netlify, the company changing the way developers build and deploy web applications, today launched a new privacy-focused analytics tool that provides more accurate data, straight from Netlify server logs, without any impact on site performance. Netlify users can add Analytics Now with just a few clicks to their dashboardand even populate historical data to show trends over time.

Most analytics tools rely on third-party scripts, which can be hidden by ad blockers, but Netlify Analytics ingests data directly from its Edge Server nodes. This means that Netlify Analytics provides full accounting of all traffic, regardless of client environment, with the ability to surface unique server-side data such as top pages and images returning 404 errors to your users. This also means that Netlify does not track or share users’ personal information with third-party organizations.

“The tide is rising against big tech companies aggregating and sharing detailed personal data, and individuals and governments are taking steps to protect privacy,” said Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. “We created Netlify Analytics because our customers want a powerful solution that doesn’t store and send all of their user data to third-party organizations.”

Reflecting the Netlify philosophy of simplicity and performance, the user interface has been designed to be super clean, providing only the most essential information including page views, unique visitors, top pages, top sources, major resources not found and bandwidth used. The user interface is suitable for both web developers and marketers, and the approach lays the foundation for modern A/B testing with rich server-side data.

“Netlify Analytics is exactly what I want. It’s handy to see what’s working on your site and more importantly, what’s not. Their system does exactly that without tracking my visitors. Another great service from my platform favorite accommodation,” said Andy Belleweb designer and Netlify user.

Netlify Analytics coupled with the recent launch of Netlify Developera powerful local development server with live sharing capabilities, extends the core Continuous Delivery and Deployment platform with a suite of tools and services designed to make life easier for developers.

Netlify Analytics costs $9/site/month for up to 250,000 pageviews per month. New users can get started with netlify for free and add Analytics to their dashboard as they roll out new sites.

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