NS1 traffic analytics dashboards provide visibility into application delivery to the edge

NS1 unveiled the traffic analysis dashboards for its Pulsar Active Traffic Steering solution. With real-time metrics on availability, latency, and traffic distribution, these interactive dashboards make it easy and intuitive to monitor and optimize application delivery across multi-cloud, multi-CDN environments. and devices, enabling performance optimization on a global scale.

Fast, uninterrupted app experiences are critical to the success of digital businesses. For performance-driven industries, such as video, streaming, online gaming, and SaaS applications, any latency or performance fluctuation can directly impact business results.

Yet delivering consistently fast and reliable application experiences to global audiences on a highly distributed and diverse infrastructure at scale is an ongoing challenge. Organizations need modern solutions that provide continuous visibility into the performance of their application delivery infrastructure at every point where applications and audiences connect.

NS1’s Pulsar Active Traffic Steering makes application delivery in diverse distributed environments highly observable and consistently performing by collecting and analyzing Real User Monitoring (RUM) data on a global scale, then taking action to dynamically direct and automatically traffic over DNS or via the HTTP decision endpoint. for superior application experiences.

Pulsar Traffic Analytics Dashboards provide insight into the data used to make decisions and how Pulsar leveraged that data. This provides increased observability and control for administrators, allowing them to intelligently adjust their traffic steering policies to optimize performance, availability and cost savings.

“Internet and network conditions can change constantly and unpredictably, making it difficult to deliver consistent and superior user experiences,” said Sanjay Ramnath, VP of Products at NS1. “Pulsar solves this challenge by acting on real-time data to optimize performance and cost at scale. Pulsar decisions are now displayed with in-depth information in traffic analytics dashboards, improving visibility into network conditions and making Pulsar data more actionable.

Only NS1’s Pulsar turns insights into action by consuming internet, infrastructure and RUM data and providing a powerful policy engine through patented Filter Chain technology. Intuitive dashboards display real-time metrics so network administrators have visibility into the conditions and policies that drive Pulsar’s automated decision-making.

With a bird’s-eye view, teams can easily filter and drill down into highly granular data on traffic distribution and output datasets to quickly reveal performance trends, like how often Pulsar avoided downtime. shutdown, and identify problems for effective troubleshooting. Armed with this data, administrators can better communicate the value of their program to executives and continue to fine-tune their traffic steering policies to optimize application delivery performance to the edge.

With the recently launched NS1 Connect platform, the company’s unified technology stack provides connectivity for internal and external applications with the same advanced traffic management capabilities no matter where the applications are deployed: on site, public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid clouds.

Charles J. Kaplan