Spotlight: Smylelytics aims to make your website analytics a little more fun to read

Web analytics offers insights that can be incredibly powerful for your business. But they can also be somewhat boring and difficult to understand. So one company created a unique way to get more companies to actually use their analytics data. Smylelytics takes this information and translates it into interesting and entertaining photos. Learn more about the solution and the company behind it here.

What the company does

Presents analysis in a fun way.

Matt Weber, CEO of Smylelytics’ parent company, ROAR! Internet Marketing, told Small Business Trends, “We offer a free tool to help small businesses measure their website traffic in an entertaining and engaging way.”

Business niche

Include visuals to make analytical data fun and easy to understand.

Weber explains, “We turn Google Analytics data into memorable photographs.”

How the company started

To try to convince business owners to use their analytics.

As CEO of Smylelytics’ parent company, ROAR! Internet marketing, Weber realized how difficult it was to get business owners to use Google Analytics information.

Weber says, “Despite its importance and value, small business owners don’t check their Google Analytics.”


Current challenge

Communicate the value of this offer.

Weber says, “We continue to try different landing page variations to communicate the value proposition. We haven’t cracked the code yet and our story is to continually try different messages and marketing techniques to find that ultimate connection.

The greatest risk

Use of resources.

Weber explains, “Our costs are mostly internal and our story is how we continually weigh rising internal costs against potential benefits.”

Lesson learned

Know your audience.

Weber said if the team could do it all over again, they would invest in better focus group testing.

How they would spend an extra $100,000

Refine the product.

Weber says, “Improving user flow focus group testing and refining the math behind the product.”

Brainstorming method

Use life experience.

Weber says, “We used our life experiences as a way to reflect on the images used in the product. Each theme should quickly communicate a good, bad and neutral storyline and the images used come from the team’s collective experiences.

favorite quote

“Never be your own limitation.” -Weber’s mother.

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Images: Smylelytics, ROAR! Online Marketing

Charles J. Kaplan