Untuckit improves store performance through traffic analysis

A direct-to-consumer clothing brand known for its iconic wrinkle-free shirts, carefully observes customer behavior in its stores.

Founded online in 2011, Untuckit opened its first physical store in 2015, a flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It currently operates 86 locations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. reduce operating costs, empower associates and managers, and dramatically increase customer conversions across its physical footprint, Untuckit uses RetailNext’s data analytics technology in its stores.

The retailer uses RetailNext camera infrastructure, proprietary sensors and machine learning (ML) algorithms to deliver real-time customer traffic data and actionable key performance indicator (KPI) insights. By making high-resolution, cloud-hosted video instantly accessible through browsers and mobile devices, Untuckit leverages RetailNext technology across its entire retail ecosystem, from marketing to loss prevention.

Using RetailNext’s conversion rate data, Untuckit can also perform more accurate store performance assessments, allowing managers to recognize and reward top performing stores, and share best practices across its network. Enterprise marketing teams can also fine-tune campaigns based on in-store data, driving better results across the network and enabling the entire enterprise to dynamically respond to market changes as that they arise.

Retailer reports metrics from its implementation of RetailNext technology, including an 18% increase in customer yield year-to-date and a 6.9% increase in conversion rates over a four-year period .Untuckit was also able to reduce its IT infrastructure expenses by approximately 40%.

“RetailNext’s traffic data allows us to maximize the opportunities available to us. When the customer comes along, are we converting? Are we upselling? our customers? With RetailNext, we can measure performance in all of these areas, and optimize every aspect of our retail operations,” said Brent Paulsen, Managing Director and Head of Retail at Untuckit. , we need every Untuckit store to be the best it can be, every moment of every day – and with RetailNext, we have the technology to make it happen.”

“As a pioneer in digital native retail, Untuckit understands the value of data – and in the current economic climate, they have leveraged cutting-edge retail intelligence to build resilience and emerge stronger than ever. ever,” said Sergio Gutierrez, RetailNext’s chief revenue officer. “For DTC brands looking to succeed in the world of brick-and-mortar retail, RetailNext’s game-changing AI capabilities are key to lasting success – and Untuckit shows just how powerful this approach can be.”

Untuckit streamlines in-store communications
Untuckit is also to apply state-of-the-art technology to store communications, using Yoobic’s digital workplace solution as a single point of contact for store employees. A streamlined mobile app that helps employees manage daily tasks, access virtual training, and provide feedback and progress reports to their supervisors.

By unifying communications and task management in a single mobile app, the solution puts all the necessary tools and resources at the fingertips of employees as they move around the sales floor or warehouse – a vital capability while the retail sector is struggling to overcome labor shortages and high turnover. .

Additionally, Yoobic provides employee training, using engaging, small-sized quizzes and videos – such as tips to help customers find the perfect solution – to keep employees on track without disrupting their workflow or require them to leave the sales floor.

Charles J. Kaplan