Visitor Analytics Redefining Website Analytics with the Evolution to Website Intelligence

With so much martech, marketing and sales managers face ongoing challenges in identifying the right solutions for their businesses. The market is so noisy that it can be difficult to successfully search for the appropriate technology.

Website analytics is no different, and the industry is also increasingly fragmented. Visitor Analytics seeks to provide a solution to this and redefine the industry through Website Information.

The Fragmentation of Website Analytics

The vast majority of website analytics platforms only provide solutions for certain areas of website analytics.

Part of the reason for this fragmentation is that technology development has been rather laborious due to the historical monopolization of Google Analytics.

This subconscious acceptance that website analytics is just “just like that” has led to some reluctance when it comes to disruptive challenger technology.

Although there has been some collective awakening in this regard, the true identity of the sector remains to be defined.

The data silo headache

Basically, this fragmented approach to website intelligence creates one of the biggest headaches marketers face today: data silos.

Simply put – with multiple pieces of the puzzle locked into different solutions, it can be difficult to get a truly holistic view.

Not only that, but this “small” approach is also very cost and time inefficient, as it requires multiple technology purchases and overloads marketing departments.

The result: Small businesses struggle to prioritize web analytics capabilities and use cases, and often end up with technology they don’t have the time or resources to make optimal use of.

Large companies, on the other hand, can end up using multiple solutions simultaneously – often managed by different people or teams, which can make it difficult to get a real overview.

This is not a new puzzle.

A similar situation has also occurred in social media analysis, where silos have contributed to the misinterpretation or underestimation of the impact of social media.

“In the context of social media analytics, the initial response was the development of the social listening industry, which broke down native analytics silos,” says Matt Sarson, CMO at Visitor Analytics. “And, more recently, the industry’s move toward conversational intelligence has served to marry a more comprehensive data set.”

A new definition thanks to the intelligence of the website

Website intelligence follows the same logic and is considered the natural evolution of the website analytics industry.

“We were able to access a unique set of information regarding website analytics, from over 2.5 million users on our platform,” says Dragos Gal, Head of Partnerships at Visitor Analytics. “Along with broader research, this allowed us to identify three key pillars.” The three fundamental pillars on which the intelligence of the website is based are:

1) Web statistics: Traffic structure, visitors, pages, competition, devices, UTM campaigns
2) Visitor behavior: Event tracking, visitor recordings, visitor heatmaps, visitor funnels
3) Communication with visitors: Polls, polls, chat

By developing a platform on the solid foundation of these three pillars, Visitor Analytics is finally dusting off the cobwebs of the website analytics industry and redefining it as website intelligence.

The number of websites already able to access this holistic intelligence is already huge and growing day by day.

A growing sector

“The primary focus continues to be at the convergence of data privacy and holism,” says Matt Sarson. “We are committed to putting end users first, in terms of data privacy, while allowing any website owner to gather all the information they need from our single platform.”

The unique fingerprinting approach on which the Visitor Analytics platform is based is crucial in this respect.

Not only does this mean that data collection focuses on general user information and not personal data, but it also removes the cookie consent requirement, which means the information is based on 100% of visitors ( and not only on those who accept).

“In addition to being committed to the continuous improvement of our platform, we also have a roadmap to integrate more features into these three pillars,” explains Dragos Gal. “We are also increasingly focusing on enterprise use cases, with some key developments that will better meet their demands.”

With the ability to solve multiple problems on a single platform, it’s clear that the website intelligence journey is about to accelerate rapidly.

“We are only at the beginning of our journey and there are loads of exciting developments just around the corner,” summarizes Dragos Gal.

About Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a privacy-focused website intelligence platform with offices in Munich, Germany and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The solution, which provides a compliance-focused alternative to Google Analytics and centralized website intelligence, has already been installed on more than 2.5 million websites, in 190 countries, and strives to be the only platform a website owner needs to analyze and improve their website. (s).

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